My story

It all started when my eldest son, Uriah was born. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Like every mother, after the birth of her first child, I also looked for the best and special products for my son! I searched, wandered, and examined every physical and virtual store. Finally I decided to create them myself.

I bought some cloths, a simple sewing machine and ran to my Nona (“grandmother” in Greek), a renowned and my beloved seamstress and off I went.

Together we sewed, fashioned models and Uriah was a model guinea pig. And my Nona – well the studio now bears her name with pride.

When I think of the first models I created, I am somewhat embarrassed. I went through such a long way. But from the first day until today, all my models and products were made out of love and understanding and needs of a mother.

Today, after some years and 3 children, our god in heaven, a supportive husband and a lot of hurdles along the way, my studio is completely renewed!

I decided that the studio only manufactures in Israel, and I always knew that the basis of a product is the quality of its raw materials on which I never compromised. My products are made of combed Egyptian cotton which is 100% organic and all prints are silk prints without toxins.

From there, the goal was to build contemporary collections, in limited editions, suitable for the baby and mother, relaxing and unique.

It was important for me to resolve everything that surrounds the children's room and going out of the house: bedding, linens, decorations, trolley accessories, etc. To ensure that the products are hand sewn one-by-one, meticulously down to the last seam.

Today I look at the products and proud to call them mine. I am proud to see mothers enjoy them and most importantly - trust them. The products are sold abroad and what serves me the greatest joy is to know they are made in Israel and do not fall short of any other international brand.

So this was my dream, which slowly began to grow, and today I am happy to share it with you and invite you to come and take part in it. Enjoy the products, be pampered by them and know that you have received great value for your money.

And most importantly: I wish you to always believe … that dreams come true.

Yours Sincerely,