Terms and Conditions

Dear Customers,

We are happy that you have chosen a "Nona" product.

Studio "Nona" is proud of its products quality and pursues the highest level of service at the most reasonable price.

The following are information and general instructions about policy related to warranty, service, product handling and product replacement.

Product Delivery Times

Studio "Nona" undertakes to ship any order within 14 business days.

Any delay attributed to the delivery service / Israel Post service is taken into account as part of the studio's delivery times and such delays are not within the studio responsibility.


Warranty for "Nona" products will be given only at the store where the product was purchased.

The store undertakes to inspect the product under warranty and to repair it within 14 business days, in the event of a defect in the material or in the production process and subject to reasonable use of the product.

The warranty will be given for only one month from the date of purchase, and only upon presenting the purchase invoice indicating purchase and payment.

The warranty will be given subject to reasonable use and will not apply in the following cases:

- A product was used in a manner not intended for it.

- The product was deliberately damaged or damaged due to an external factor.

- Product defects resulting from wear or tear.

- Use not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in washing / drying / ironing.

- The product was repaired by a party other than Studio "Nona".

Product Exchange and Refund Policy

Replacement of products will be possible within 14 business days from the date of purchase, at the store where the product was purchased.

Replacement of products will be possible in the original packaging, along with the original labels, provided the products are not used.

The return fees of the product will be applied to the buyer only. The shipping fees paid in the transaction will not be refunded. The refund will be paid via check which will be paid to the customer and sent by mail.

Recommendations for Proper Laundry Treatment

In order to preserve the product you purchased over time, it is recommended that you follow the instructions on the product label.

Machine wash at maximal temperature of 30 degrees

Do not use bleach

Ironing at low temperature: up to 110 degrees.

Do not clean using dry cleaning

Do not dry in a dryer.

- Do not dry clothing in direct sunlight.

Safety Regulations

“Nona”'s products have been carefully tested for both product quality and usability.

Therefore, it is important that every product is used they it is intended to be used and should be placed and handled according to the manufacturer's instructions.

For safety reasons:

- Do not leave cloth diapers / pacifier holders or any product longer than 20 cm in the hands of the baby without supervision during sleep due to choking hazard.

- Make sure that there are no products in your baby's reach that contain buttons or accessories that can be torn (each accessory that is up to 3 cm in size).

- Hanged Products - Make sure to hang correctly and firmly.- Products with acrylic fillings such as: cushions, puffed warms, head protectors, etc. - if the feeling is removable, make sure that the baby has no access to the product opening from which the filling is removed.